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Jumping Bean

With just a few minutes left in our recent visit to a nearby bounce emporium, Clay was showing no signs of slowing down and little interest in our warnings that we needed to leave soon.

A local group, the Autism Cares Foundation, has been funding a once-a-month session at a Bounce U, which is filled with huge sliding boards, mazes, moon walks, every kind of blow-up-bounce-on-me-type of equipment you can imagine. We joined them for the first time last week.

Clay was having the time of his life, jumping and flinging his body around on one piece after another. All 10 or 12 of the kids were doing the same. It’s amazing to watch kids with autism go at this sort of equipment. Clay is particularly insatiable, bouncing with abandon. Doesn’t matter whether you are supposed to be sliding or climbing, he finds a way to fit in some pinball action. A couple of times I had to shoo him out of the basketball area, where he was rolling around on the padded mats. Read the rest of this entry »


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Warm Breezes

Tops of trees

We woke up Saturday morning to a badly needed pre-spring day. The newspaper boasted the temperature would hit 60.

Late morning found our basset Miles stretched out on the still-brown grass in our backyard, soaking in the sun, sniffing scents on the wind, looking as though nothing short of a dropped filet mignon would uproot him.

I cleared the monster pile of leaves that had accumulated on our patio, dragged a lounge chair from the garage and lay for as long as I could watching the swirling breeze toss the tops of the trees that border the yard. Read the rest of this entry »

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