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Grinchy Grin

Friday night, we decorated our tree for Christmas and found a place of honor for the Grinch and his dog/reindeer, a gift from a very thoughtful friend last year after we lost ours to Mr. Busy Hands.

The two of them seem quite happy in their new home, nestled between the cowardly lion and a strawberry. Yes, the little guy went to work on the ornaments quickly, as he does every year. A fragile Charlie Brown’s Christmas globe hit the floor just minutes after we plugged in the decorative lights. My fault for putting it out. Fortunately, most of his attention has been on the ceramic Santas, which, as usual, have found themselves relocated to numerous nooks and crannies throughout the house. I found one staring at me from the top of the toilet tank last night. Got me questioning whether I was naughty or nice this year. Read the rest of this entry »


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Questions Answered

Our recent trips to supported typing teacher Lisa Romaine have revealed how much Clay has to say through his keyboard. But the sessions in the room with the orange walls have also raised some interesting questions for us. Why does he move around so much? Why does he need support to type on his iPad when he uses it independently for most everything else? Why is this all so difficult for him? How is it that our basset hound can hear a potato chip hit the carpet in the family room while he is snoring like a freight train on the sofa two rooms away?

Typing is the key to unlocking Clay’s future, and we want to understand as much about it as we can. So, my wife posed all but the question about the dog (chalk that up to the mysteries of life) to Lisa via email. She also asked the Typing King himself. Their answers are below. Read the rest of this entry »

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