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Enlightening the World

Heading to our second session with supported typing teacher Lisa Romaine this past Saturday, we were just expecting an hour of working on Clay’s typing skills. The little guy had bigger ideas.

We started, as usual, with a few minutes in the play area to get the kinks out following a two-hour drive. Then Clay headed into the work room, where he spent most of the session typing one statement. He started with this, as Lisa blocked him against the wall to type:

“the way i see it is i am going to be famous some day  people will look to me for advice about all things autism  i am excited about the enormous potential to improve society”

Quite a start. Read the rest of this entry »


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Back in the Saddle

On our first visit to a stable, Clay surprised all of us by getting on a horse and taking it for a spin. He exhibited an instant comfort level and connection with horses, resting his forehead against their muzzles, touching their flanks. Sadly, his first group of lessons lasted only about a month before issues with insurance led to a need to look elsewhere. Easier said than done, it turned out.

After about a year of staring at painfully long waiting lists for therapeutic riding sessions (and 18-page applications), my wife recently connected with a newly invigorated program that had openings for lessons. So, Saturday morning, we made the 40 minute drive to Rainbow Ridge Farm Equestrian Riding Center to get the little guy back in the saddle, hoping the layoff didn’t dampen his enthusiasm or connection. Read the rest of this entry »

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Typing King

Last year, when Clay was asked to show off his typing skills for a class held at Arcadia University, I was on the road and had to watch it later on video. This year, I wasn’t about to miss it live.

Clay was typing for the Communications Mentors’ Network, a group that supports communication skills for everyone. The class was meeting in the campus library on an overcast afternoon. Read the rest of this entry »

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Back on Track

“you get me”

That is the first thing Clay typed for Lisa Romaine, a supported typing teacher we visited this past Saturday. This wasn’t the first time we visited with Lisa. Clay opened up for her once before in August 2010, words pouring out of him. So, when his typing slowed over the past six months—stopping nearly completely at school—we decided another visit was in order. Maybe regular visits.

After a two-hour drive, and a 10-minute period for Clay to stretch his legs and decompress in the playroom at the center where Lisa works, we herded him into the workroom. Lisa promptly blocked him in a corner with a typing program open on his iPad and, after some preliminaries, jumped right in.

“Is there a reason why typing is getting hard?” she asked. Read the rest of this entry »