Into the Classroom

This morning, we met with Clay’s teacher and the support network that works with him at school to discuss goals for next year. (He attends an autistic support class at our local middle school, and is moving on to the high school in the fall.) While he didn’t attend the meeting, we decided to let Clay set the agenda.

He has been communicating his feelings about school lately, and his message has been consistent. Sunday night, was typical. He was crying. On the keyboard, he typed that he was upset about school. When we asked why, he typed that he was bored.

A little later, my wife asked him what we could do to make school better for him. For the second time, he mentioned focusing on his new keyboard skills.

The next night, after spending an hour with his behavior specialist preparing for the meeting, we asked Clay again if there was anything about school that we could improve.

Seems like Clay has written his own goal. Use the keyboard at school. It helps me communicate. The good news is that the school agreed to give it a try. Clay has spoken.



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