You’re Welcome

Clay loves music. A wide range of music. His tastes jump from Johnny Cash to Louis Armstrong to Smash Mouth to Green Day (although just the song Good Riddance) to George Winston to Mister Rogers. Sadly, he is rough on CDs, which quickly end up scratched or cracked, and his fingers don’t work so well with the tiny controls on an iPod. Our solution recently has been to add music to iTunes on the computer he uses. The album covers are easier to recognize and click for a boy with visual processing issues.

I figured he appreciated me adding an assortment of albums and singles earlier this week when I heard him squealing while listening. But then he gave me a gift in return.

After a silence that lasted around five years, Clay recently began communicating with us using a keyboard. (I’m still adjusting to the simple idea that he can tell me what is on his mind. I don’t have to guess all the time.) As part of our new routine, my wife has been sitting him in front of the keyboard each night and asking him if he has anything he wants to say. On Monday, he typed out the message below:

Guess who found a couple new CDs loaded on his computer the next day.



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