The Dreaded Call

Every parent knows about the dreaded call. It is the sinking feeling that flows through your body when the phone rings during the day and the caller ID shows the name of your kid’s school. That call almost always signals the same thing. Your little one is not feeling well, and—like it or not—somebody’s work day is about to be ended prematurely.

Monday morning, my wife picked up her cell phone at work to receive the news that Clay had been acting agitated at school all morning. He had indicated he needed to go to the rest room eight times, but didn’t actually relieve himself in any of those visits. The school nurse suggested he might have a urinary problem that needed to be looked at, and requested we pick him up.

Clay was all smiles when I picked him up. He urinated with great vigor within the first few minutes of coming home (a race horse would have been envious), so I was pretty sure it wasn’t a plumbing problem. I tried to engage him with the keyboard to find out what had happened at school, but he had the energy level of a caged squirrel, and it was quickly clear I wasn’t going to make any progress until he settled down a bit. An hour later my wife arrived to take over—I was headed out of town that afternoon. Clay was a bit calmer at that point, and the explanation for his day became clearer.

He typed that he was feeling “hyper.”

She asked why he was feeling hyper.

Then, she asked why he had requested to go the bathroom so many times.

No need to call the urologist after all.



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