You have to see the baby

My wife was in our backyard with the dogs one morning last week, when one of the black vultures that have been living – rent free – in our garage popped into the window on the right.

Not that uncommon of an occurrence since our friends moved in last summer. But then something else caught my wife’s eye. Someone new peeking out of the window on the left.

Looks like our tenants made a baby. And isn’t it just adorable?

All through the past week, the “baby” vulture has been watching the world from the window, occasionally stretching its massive wings. No attempt to come out, yet.

Of course, we needed to get the thoughts of the little fellow on the new arrival.

“we are so thrilled to see a baby bird,” Clay typed on his iPad in response to his Mom’s question.

“She seems very comfortable with and trusting of us. Is she getting a feeling about us? Can you talk about that?”

“she asks a question when we are quiet. she says we are so awesome. we alaways see her asking questions. she is asking about so many things such as when we will see her again.”

“I find it hard to believe that she uses the word ‘awesome.'”

“we translate”

Wisdom from our resident vulture whisperer. More to come as the newest arrival prepares to take flight.

Mom munches on our baby cucumber plant


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  1. #1 by autismmommytherapist on June 28, 2012 - 9:50 am

    I love the way Clay sees things!

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